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In 2016, following two consecutive interim management jobs, Edwin Korver decided to finish a project he had started in 2014. The question he had put to himself was: How much of the modern customer development process is being determined by social media?

After having revised the customer development process, new questions arised: How does the revised customer development process affect value disciplines, value chains (value streams), business models, strategy, and business transformation?

As it turned out, by taking a bottom-up viewpoint, new business models emerged that were undetectable from a top-down perspective. In the end, it took four years to describe what is now known as ROUNDMAP™, an integral framework on sustainable business growth and situational readiness, leading to commercial excellence.

ROUNDMAP™ is the center of our work: helping firms to defend their core business while also achieve their long-term growth aspirations which may require a business transformation.


Middel 6

The end of shareholder-first?

In 1962, Nobel prize-winning economist Milton Friedman wrote in his book Capitalism and Freedom, “There is one and only one social responsibility of business ─

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Psychological Safety

Research by Google and others confirmed that the best performing team didn’t deliver because of talent, resources, or money. Out of 250 factors that were

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Silos, Politics and Turf Wars

New York Times best-selling author and acclaimed management expert Patrick Lencioni addresses the costly and maddening issue of silos, the barriers that create organizational politics.

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The Silo Effect by Gillian Tett

In her book, The Silo Effect, FT journalist and antropologist Gillian Tett describes the destructive effects that mental, structural, and data silos have on collaboration,

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