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Harnessing Horizontal Collaboration

Our mission is to inspire companies to exploit the full potential of cross-silo collaboration, instead of resorting to quick fixes.

However, when revenue starts to decline, few managers actually consider a lack of interdisciplinary collaboration as a cause. Instead, most resort to classic fixes: cutting costs, getting rid of poor performers, incentivize salespeople, change target groups, change product features, change marketing strategy, digitalize business processes, and so on.

But what if the problem is woven into the fabric of the organization?  “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, as denoted by Peter Drucker.

Or as we like to say: Culture is a gormandizer that eats strategy for breakfast, execution for lunch, and performance for diner.

Each silo is a subculture. With its own nomenclature, behavior, role models, and so on. If people from different silos perceive each other as competitors rather than colleagues, they tend to dig trenches and create barriers, hampering the free flow of information,

You might have noticed that marketers rarely have lunch with non-marketers, as is the case with salespeople, service agents, order pickers, or book keepers. If people from different silos are reluctant to share a meal with each other, are they likely to share information?

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